Acknowledge The Mistake ASAP

The matter of guilt or innocence is irrelevant as far as bail is concerned. The judge decides what the bail amount in any given case will be by looking at the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime in combination with a large dose of his own intuitiveness. When bail is set relatively high on the scale the defendant will probably need some help in paying it. A bail bond agency is his best source for financial backing but he will be required to take on some personal responsibility.

The entire concept of bail is based on need and compliance. The defendant needs to get out of jail and the court system agrees to grant him that freedom in exchange for a promise to return to face trial for the offense he has been accused of. The bail agent assigned to the case will work with the defendant to assure that he conforms to any and all stipulations that may apply. This could mean helping with arrangements to seek counseling and encouraging the client to follow the rules that the judge has imposed.

The worst mistake a defendant can make is to miss a scheduled court date. If it happens the bail agent will be granted a limited amount of time to find his client and bring him back to court before bail is revoked and a warrant for the defendant’s arrest is issued. There are some instances that can legitimately excuse a defendant for not showing up in court. A medical emergency involving the defendant or his family member is one and parental responsibility is another. Validation will be required in these cases. The moment the defendant realizes that he has failed to appear in court as stipulated by the terms of his bail agreement he should contact his bail agent. The sooner the mistake can be rectified, the better because once a warrant has been issued things become much more complicated.

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