A Surety Bond Is A Contract Concerning Three Major Parties

In a surety bond contract, the bail bondsman serves as the insurer, the defendant is the primary, and the court is the representative of the law that requires the security. The contract will require the defendant to pay the bondsman a fee for his services. The amount of the fee will be a percentage of the bail set by the court, usually 10%, and it is non-refundable. If the defendant calls on another party to meet with the bondsman on his behalf, that party becomes the co-signer, and will be held responsible for the bond, along with the defendant.

A surety contract obliges that the bondsman pay the defendant’s bail, and assure the court that the defendant will return to face trial on a determined date. In return, the court will release the defendant, and allow him his freedom to continue to support himself, and his family, and to confer with a lawyer to help build a plan for his defense. Once the fees are paid, and the paperwork completed, the ball starts rolling to achieve that goal.

There are some specifics that may apply to a particular surety contract. If for instance, a bail is unusually high, it will increase the risk that the bondsman is taking by trusting the defendant to live up to his end of the bargain. In this case, the bondsman may ask the co-signer to put up a piece of property, for added security. The worth of the property must be equal to the amount of the bail. The co-signer then assumes the risk of losing his property. A reputable bondsman will make sure that a co-signer is aware of the responsibilities he will be taking on, before he commits to it.

The bondsman retains the right to revoke the contract at any time. He would only do so if he has good reason to suspect that the defendant is planning to go back on his word, and flee to avoid trial.

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