A BWB Agent For Bail Bonds In Aurora Will Advise You About Some Contingencies

When you’ve been arrested, and are being held in custody for DUI, you do have options for getting bailed out.

Your personal things will have been confiscated during the booking procedure, but most jails will allow you access to your cash, or credit card, so that you will be able to make arrangements through BWB Bail Bonds in Aurora.  Or, a family member can work with BWB, on your behalf.

Your bondsman will advise you that if the court says that you can drive at all while awaiting the outcome of your court appearance, a judge could order you to have an “ignition interlock” device installed in your vehicle, and that you undergo drug, and alcohol testing during the term of your bail.  The expenses that go along with any special bail conditions will be your responsibility.

You can count on BWB to explain all the possible conditions for bail bonds in Aurora.  Call 720-358-2908.

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