A Bondsman Takes Responsibility

In most cases a person who has been arrested under suspicion of committing a crime will be entitled to pay a sum of money – the amount to be determined by the court – and be released from custody until the time of his trial. Exceptions can apply to those defendants who have been accused of a capital offense or of a felony involving extremely violent behavior.

Once the bail amount has been set the defendant need only to pay it in order to gain his freedom. Other than a cash payment the court may accept a check or money order. It’s a pretty simple process really, unless the defendant doesn’t have the money on hand. This is where the bail bondsman enters the picture.

The fee that a bondsman will charge, usually 10-15%, is quite nominal in comparison to the cost of posting bail. The arrangement calls for the bondsman to post the bail and assure the court that the defendant will be present for all required appearances. The court may also affix certain stipulations to the defendant’s release. The judge may feel that the circumstances surrounding the crime that the defendant has been accused of or the fact that he has a history of similar offenses demand that there be some sort of rehab program or psychological evaluation attached to the bail arrangement.

“Failure to appear” is a criminal charge in itself. A defendant who fails to show up for a court ordered appearance can face a hefty fine or be returned to jail where he will stay until his trial begins. If there are extenuating circumstances however, which provide a reasonable excuse for missing a court date and the defendant ultimately does appear the court may forgive the discrepancy.

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