A Bondsman Can Help In More Ways Than One

A person who has been arrested will usually be allowed to post a bond to cover the amount of money the court has determined to be appropriate to the crime, with a few exceptions. A defendant who has been charged with capital murder for instance, will usually not be eligible for bail. If special circumstances do influence the court, the bail schedule will advise a million dollar bond be posted. If the accused has previously escaped from custody within the jurisdiction or in any other jurisdiction, the odds that he will be granted bail are slim, no matter what crime he has been charged with.

A suspect may become aware that a warrant for his arrest has been or is being processed before he is physically taken into custody. In this case a bond agency may be able to offer “rapid intake” which means that the whole ordeal of posting bail can be handled without the defendant having to spend any time behind bars. Once an agent certifies that the warrant has indeed been issued he will go ahead and complete the necessary paperwork that must be done to secure the bail bond. The agent will go with his client to the jail and stay while the client goes through the processing steps of photographing and fingerprinting after which he will be released pending future court hearings.

Depending on the seriousness of the charges against him, there will be certain terms set down by the judge that will be attached to the bail agreement. The bond agent will take some responsibility for the defendant sticking to his promise to go along with these terms. In this capacity the agent will stay in contact with the defendant and answer any questions that may arise. He will also make sure that the defendant is reminded about impending court dates. The bail agent will be available to his client throughout the trial and until the case is resolved.

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