A Bond Agent Is There For You

Unless the crime is one of a most serious nature the accused will be granted bail and be released to await his trial. Once bail is set the defendant has a choice to make. He can either pay the court the full amount of the determined bail or he can choose to remain in custody pending his trial date. Fortunately, there is a third alternative.

Bail bond agencies are on hand to represent anyone who has been arrested and cannot afford to pay the total amount of their bail. The agency will accept a typical fee of 10% of the bail amount and a bond agent will be assigned to represent the defendant. The agent will pay the bail and take on the responsibility of guiding his client through the process. He will also be available to family members who may need information and advice during the time leading up to the defendant’s trial.

Being arrested has to be one of the most intimidating experiences that any person can go through. A bail agent who is familiar with the jurisdiction and knows how the system works will be of great assistance throughout the bailing out process and after the release.

Some defendants will be required to adhere to certain stipulations set down by the judge who granted the bail. A bond agent can help to arrange transportation to and from a rehab facility for instance, and set up a website check-in schedule.

In most cases there will be numerous court hearings held prior to an actual trial date. The defendant may be required to attend some of these legal sessions. It is essential that the defendant appear when his presence is mandated, if he fails to do so his bail could be revoked. A bail bondsman will be aware of all pending court dates and make sure that the defendant is reminded of his responsibility.

The BWB Bail Bonds agency offers services in jurisdictions throughout the state of Colorado. An agent is on hand day or night to answer calls. Reach out to BWB @ 720-358-2908.

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