A Bail Bondsman Will Guide You Through Every Step Of The Process

If you need financial help to get someone you care about out of jail fast, you should reach out to a bail bondsman in your area. He will advise you about his fee – usually 10% of the total amount of the bail set by the judge – what obligations you will be taking on if you decide to be the co-signer, and what kind of collateral if any will be necessary. When you sign on as an indemnitor it doesn’t mean that you are testifying as to the innocence of the defendant. What you are doing is accepting responsibility for seeing to it that he will be present for all court appointed appearances.

There are certain conditions that must be met to qualify as an accountable co-signer. You will need to be able to provide personal references and attest to the fact that you have been residing in the vicinity for at least two years. Evidence that shows you to be an upstanding citizen could come in the form of a mortgage record and pay stubs that validate your employment. If you meet these standards, but you just can’t come up with the entire fee, your bondsman will make every effort to negotiate a payment plan for you.

Once the financials have been dealt with and the paperwork has been started, you may expect the defendant to be released within eight hours from the time a release order is issued by the court. The time frame will depend on the routine of the jail. Larger facilities will have more inmates to process, so the wait time will probably be longer.

If at any time you as the co-signer find out that the defendant has broken the rules of his bail and fled the area, contact your bondsman right away. He will have trained agents who have the experience and know-how to safely go after the defendant and bring him back to the jurisdiction. You may be asked to pay any expenses incurred during the recovery process.

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