A Bail Bondsman Will Explain Your Responsibilities As A Co-Signer

When a family member or even a friend is in jeopardy, it is only natural that you will want to help out. If someone close to you has been arrested, he may call you to bail him out of jail. At this point you will need to contact a bail bondsman. The bondsman will promise to pay the full bail amount set by the court if the suspect fails to uphold his end of the bargain. If you agree to co-sign the contract, you will be taking on the responsibility of seeing to it that the suspect is present for any and all court appearances leading up to and including his trial date.

A bail bondsman earns his money by charging a fee for his services. If for any reason a defendant can’t pay this fee you as the co-signer, can be held responsible for it. It is non-refundable and usually amounts to about 10% of the entire bail amount.

Worst case scenario – your friend or loved one panics and runs. If he misses a slated court appearance, his bond will be forfeited and he will become a fugitive of the law. Now the bondsman has a given amount of time to find the defendant and bring him back to face new charges, and probable rearrest. If he can’t, the bond amount will have to be paid in full. Once you signed the contract, you agreed to share the responsibility for meeting that obligation. You are also accountable for any expenses incurred during the process of tracking down and returning the defendant.

Before you sign on to become the indemnitor of a bail agreement, the bondsman will explain exactly what responsibilities you will be taking on. Read the contract and ask questions if anything seems confusing to you. It is in the best interests of the bondsman to make sure that a co-signer knows what he’s setting himself up for, and that he will is willing and able to back up his commitments.

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