A Bail Bondsman Should Make His Client Aware Of How The Process Works

When a defendant who has been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime the judge hearing the case has the option to grant the suspect’s release on bail. If bail is granted it will come with certain conditions concerning the behavior of the defendant while he is awaiting a trial date. If the defendant fails to uphold the terms of his freedom, bail will be forfeited and he will be remanded to custody with no further chance of release.

Since most people aren’t able to afford the entire amount of the bail appointed by the court, they hire a bail bonds agency to provide financial backup. For a nominal fee – usually 10% of the total bail assigned to the case, a bondsman will come to the jail and post the money to have the defendant released on bail. From this point, the bonds company is responsible for the defendant’s actions while he is out on bail. In other words if the defendant breaks the rules, the bond agency could lose their money.

Any infraction of the bail agreement can result in forfeiture of the bond. If the defendant fails to show up for a scheduled court appearance for instance, the court will notify the bondsman via certified communication who will then have the chance to track down the defendant and bring him back to face the court, or present a legitimate reason why he cannot appear.

A forfeiture is not always easy to have cancelled. Death, incapacitation, or incarceration in another jurisdiction are acceptable reasons for a defendant missing a court date, but other than that the bondsman will be held accountable for his client’s irresponsibility. State laws fluctuate however, and many times the decision whether or not to remit payment is left entirely up to the local courts. Colorado law gives the bondsman fourteen days to produce the defendant or show evidence that he has been legally detained in another facility.

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