A Bail Bondsman Knows His Jurisdictions

An experienced bail bondsman will have a good understanding of the basic workings of the United States court system. The system is constructed of geographical jurisdictions that are outlined within a state, city, or county. A jurisdiction can also refer to a specific type of court, i.e., criminal as opposed to civil.

There are certain circumstances which may allow for a change in jurisdiction for a particular case. If for instance, a crime is committed in one county but the accused suspect lives in another county, legal proceedings may be heard in either venue.

If a highly publicized criminal case is set in motion in the jurisdiction where the crime took place, a defense attorney can ask for a change of venue. A judge may grant a change of venue motion if he feels that there is a reasonable chance that a jury pool may be biased because of the media attention.

Before bail arrangements can be made in any jurisdiction, the bail bond application form will need to be completed. It will ask for all personal information about the defendant, and his family members, and details about his employment and job history. Questions about the offense the defendant has been charged with and the case number are also included on the bail application. The bondsman will also want to know what amount of bail has been set by the judge presiding in the jurisdiction, and the date and time of the first scheduled court appearance.

An indemnity agreement obligates the defendant to return to court for appearances slated by the judge. A co-signer of the document agrees to be responsible for the defendant and see to it that he meets all conditions of the bail contract. He is compelled to provide accurate information to the bondsman and insure that premium payments will be met. In the event that the defendant flees the jurisdiction to avoid prosecution, the co-signer will be expected to assist in the defendant’s return.

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