A Bail Bondsman Can Be Your Best Ally

Your friend has been arrested and has called out to you for help. Now you have some decisions to make. Even if you can afford to put up the cash necessary to bail him out it may not be your best option. You have to consider that once you turn the money over to the court you risk losing it forever. You will get it back if the case against the defendant is dismissed or if he is acquitted of all charges. If your friend is found guilty however, the court fees and any fines attached to the verdict may be paid with the bail money.

Do you trust your friend to live up to his word? Under the bail agreement the court grants the defendant his freedom in return for that defendant’s promise to appear in court for all hearings leading up to and including his actual trial. If your buddy misses even one of those dates his bail may be revoked and you could lose your money.

A bail bond agency requires an upfront fee of 10-15% of the bail amount, so if for example, the judge sets the bail at $10,000 you may only have to pay the agency $1000.00 in which case your potential loss would be significantly less.

A defendant out on bail may need to make some changes to his lifestyle. Any restrictions will be directly associated with the specifics of the charges that have been brought against him. If your friend was involved in a barroom brawl for instance, the judge in the case may order him to abstain from alcohol consumption and to steer clear of any establishment that serves alcohol. A bail bondsman wants his client to succeed in complying with the rules set down by the court and will lend support in any way he can. Knowing that help is at hand may give you added peace of mind over the course of the pretrial period.

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