A Bail Bond Agency Can Help You Avoid Being Arrested

If a law enforcement agent witnesses a crime he can make an arrest right on the spot, but if the officer didn’t actually see the crime being committed, he will need a court warrant to arrest a suspect. Before a prosecuting attorney will go before a judge to request an arrest warrant he will need to have what is known as “probable cause.” Probable cause may be defined as a logical supposition that a suspect has indeed perpetrated the crime. It can also mean that the circumstances surrounding the crime have backed up the suspicion. The more evidence a police officer can present the better the odds are in favor of a judge granting a speedy arrest warrant.

Once the arresting officer has the official warrant he can track down the suspect and make the arrest. There are no restrictions applied as to where or when the arrest can be made. The suspect may be taken into custody at his home or his work, or in a public place.

If you know that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, contact a bail bondsman. A bondsman can handle the matter for you and you can avoid going through the arrest process altogether. He will simply pay the bail on the warrant itself and you will remain free to await trial. This is a time saving alternative to turning yourself over to the police and it will save your family or friends from having to get you out of jail. Being arrested can be an intimidating experience made worse by the fact that it may be witnessed by your family members or coworkers.

Even though you may save yourself some time and embarrassment by letting a bail bondsman deal with your arrest warrant you will still be under the same obligations as if you were arrested and bailed out from a jailhouse. You will have to stick to the terms of the bail that the judge has outlined and appear at all court ordered hearings.

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