The exclusion of an “excessive bail” amount is covered by the eighth amendment of our U.S. constitution right along with “cruel and unusual punishment.”  Keeping someone in jail before they are granted a chance to prove their innocence may in itself be construed by some to be cruel and unusual.  Along those same terms a defendant is entitled to the benefit of a reasonable bail, under most circumstances.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having a good friend or relative arrested and taken off to jail your first instinct will be to try to help him get out.  Most people find that paying the court appointed bail up front and out of pocket is just not feasible.  That’s why the majority of our states allow and even encourage the existence of bail bond agencies to fulfill the need for financial assistance to those who need it.

When you call an agency and speak to a bail bondsman he will ask for some basic information regarding the client – name rank and serial number, so to speak – and then he will inquire as to the charges being brought against the defendant.   If the charge is comparatively minor, ruling out murder or some other violent crime that carries a serious prison sentence, arranging bail should be just a matter of time and paperwork, unless….

If a defendant has been convicted of a previous crime or if he is considered to be a flight risk the judge in the case may decide to invoke a higher bail.  If this happens the bail bondsman may require that some form of collateral be included in the bail agreement.  He may also see the necessity for a co-signer to provide insurance against forfeiture.

Before you agree to co-sign for your friend’s bail the agent will explain exactly what you will be putting at risk and what kind of responsibility you will be taking on.

BWB Bail Bonds agents are available to provide their services at all times of the day or night.  Call us @ 720-358-2901 for an immediate response.

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